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Madison Metropolitan School District

Name Change Form

Use this form to update your name with the Department of Human Resources. Please note that in order for us to update your name, you must have changed it with the Social Security Administration.


Must contain a date in M/D/YYYY format
First Name
Last Name
Former Namerequired
Former Last Name

When you change your name, you will be automatically assigned a new email address based on your updated name.

  • Continue to log into Gmail with your same username/password
  • You will be sent an email confirming your new address
  • You can also see your new address after logging in to Gmail by hovering over your Google Account information box top right corner
  • Emails in your inbox will not be affected
  • All emails sent to your old address will be forwarded to you for 30 days
  • After the 30-day period has elapsed, emails sent to your old address will bounce back to the sender
  • Your new address is generated automatically, based on your name recorded in Human Resources, and adjusted as needed to prevent duplication with any other staff or student addresses. MMSD does not personalize email addresses.
  • The MMSD Staff Directory automatically updates to show your name as it is recorded in Human Resources, as well as you new email address.  The Staff Directory does not cross-reference prior names and email addresses.

Additional Information

  • The Staff Directory automatically updates overnight, on the date your name/address/phone is changed in Human Resources.
  • Insurance carriers will be automatically updated with your new name/address/phone (Dean, GHC, Delta, etc.).
  • If you are changing personal information due to a change in marital status, please keep in mind that you may wish to update your insurance plans and beneficiaries, as well as state and federal tax withholding. Visit the Life Event Change website for more information. You may also contact the Benefits Help Desk at or (608) 663-1692.