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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


10.1 Compensation


OCP teachers shall be compensated per the following rate:

Hourly Rate = Current Substitute Daily Rate/5

Student cancellations and “no-shows”

If an OCP teacher arrives at a work location for a scheduled session and the student fails to show within 45 minutes of the scheduled start time of the session or gives a cancellation notice at the work site within 45 minutes of the scheduled start time of the session, the OCP teacher shall be paid in full for the scheduled duration of the session. The teacher shall call the student’s school and report the student’s absence.

If a student cancels within 12 hours but more than 45 minutes of a scheduled session, either to the OCP office or to the OCP teacher directly (in which case the teacher will call the OCP office immediately upon learning of the cancellation), the teacher shall receive one-half of the scheduled compensation for the assignment provided the teacher calls the substitute placement office to request reassignment no later than 6:30 a.m. on the day of the cancelled assignment, or as soon as the teacher learns of the cancellation.

The District may reassign the teacher to any work location to perform work typically performed by a teacher, special education assistant or educational assistant. The substitute placement office shall make reassignment in a manner which does not conflict with previously scheduled assignments, provided the teacher informs the substitute placement of previously scheduled assignments. If the teacher declines the reassignment, the teacher forfeits the pay.

Meeting Attendance

If an OCP Teacher is assigned by the District to attend a meeting regarding his/her student, said OCP teacher shall be compensated at the applicable hourly rate.