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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


10.1 Sick Leave

A new teacher employed under a regular contract shall be advanced nine (9) days sick leave at the time of hire with one (1) additional day being contributed to the sick leave bank. A teacher who has had sick leave advanced under this provision shall not be able to earn sick leave during the first year of employment. Thereafter, sick leave is earned at the rate of one (1) day per payroll period for each teacher provided that the teacher receives pay for one half (.5) or more of the days included in the payroll report period. Sick leave is not advanced. Teachers on a 212-day contract year shall earn an additional day of sick leave per the terms of this paragraph for their additional work days.

A teacher employed as an extended long-term substitute earns one (1) day of sick leave per month of pay. Said day is earned when one works within a pay period. Days earned and unused will be carried forward and deposited in his/her personal sick leave account should a teacher so employed continue to be employed under a regular contract in the following school year or another extended long-term substitute assignment in the following school years, provided the teacher remains employed by the District.

Staff members employed to teach at least four (4) weeks during summer school sessions will earn one (1) day sick leave. Staff members working Extended School Year (ESY) contracts as part of the High School Transition program requiring 30 or more hours/week, shall earn one (1) sick leave day for each four (4) week period served. This shall be cumulative with their regular sick leave. Staff members who teach in the six (6) week summer school session or ESY as defined above, may use sick leave accumulated during the regular school term during the summer. However, a day of sick leave during the summer shall consume a full day of accumulated sick leave. No other summer employment qualifies for sick leave benefits.