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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


10.5 Sabbatical Leave

The Board of Education budgets $45,000 for sabbatical leaves for teachers for the purpose of advanced study and research. Said individuals shall have served at least five (5) consecutive years in the District in order to establish service eligibility for sabbatical leave.

Either one (1) year’s leave at half pay or one semester’s leave at full pay may be granted.

The recipient of a sabbatical leave must agree by contract to return to the District and render at least two (2) full years of service following the sabbatical leave, or to repay the sabbatical leave fund amounts received as stipulated in the contract. Teachers who receive sabbatical leaves will be permitted to return to the position held at the time the leave was granted.

Application for sabbatical leave shall be made to the Sabbatical Leave Committee consisting of three (3) appointees by the Superintendent, three (3) appointees by the President of Madison Teachers Inc., and a seventh who is mutually selected. The Committee shall carefully consider the value to both the teacher and Madison school district of the proposed study and/or research. The Committee’s decision(s) as to the recipients of such leave shall be final.

If a recipient of a sabbatical leave receives income from employment or from scholarship aid or emolument funds from other sources during the time he/she is on sabbatical leave, the Board of Education shall reduce the sabbatical leave payments, otherwise payable, by an amount equal to such income to the extent when such income, when added to the sabbatical leave payments, exceeds the salary which the recipient would have received if he/she had signed an individual teacher’s contract for full time employment.

The recipient will advance via yearly increments while on Sabbatical Leave.