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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.1 Regular Workday and Starting and Ending Times
An employee handing out food to two happy students

The District shall establish a regular schedule of hours for each employee. Such schedules shall be written and posted and shall be for periods of not less than one (1) week. Any change in the schedule shall be posted one (1) week in advance of the first effective date of the changed schedule. Schedules will be established and posted except for the weeks before school opening, prior to school year, holiday or convention dates and prior to end of a school year.

Employees shall be notified in writing on or about August 1 of their starting school year work assignments (number of hours, work location and classifications). The District shall retain its right to make changes to said assignments during the school year.

Food Service Floater employees will be scheduled for a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week, if the employee desires. Any Floater who desires to be scheduled less than twenty (20) hours must notify the Director of Food Services prior to the start of the school year.

Should individual schools, or one of the three classes of schools (elementary, middle, or high), cancel classes due to an inservice, the affected employees will be offered work at alternate locations. Districtwide inservice days are exempt from this section.