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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

1.2 Definitions
  1. Administrative Employees: “Administrative Employees” are defined as persons who are required to have a contract under section 118.24, Wis. Stats., and other supervisory administrative personnel designated by the District.

  2. Casual Employees: “Casual Employees” are defined as persons who are not scheduled to work on a regular basis and/or a student employee whose employment will terminate with the loss of his/her student status.

  3. Regular Employees: “Regular Employees” are defined as employees whom the District considers continuously employed, on a full or part-time basis working either a fiscal or school year. A regular full-time or regular part-time employee does not include casual, substitute or temporary employees as defined in this Section.

  4. School Based Leadership Team (SBLT): “SBLT” is a representative group of employees within a school who perform several functions including development, implementation and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). Team composition should reflect the needs of the school. The composition of the SBLT should reflect to the best of its ability a representative cross section of all employee interests. Agendas and minutes of meetings of the SBLT shall be shared with all staff.

    SBLT Toolkit

  5. Seasonal/Summer School Employees: “Seasonal employees” are those employees who are hired for a specific period of time usually related to the seasonal needs of the District. A “summer school employee” is defined as an employee who is hired to work for the District during the summer school session. “Summer school session” is defined as the supplemental educational program offered for District students pursuant to Department of Public Instruction rules and regulations.

  6. Substitute Employees: “Substitute Employees” are defined as non-exempt staff without individual contracts under section 118.21 or section 118.24, Wis. Stats., hired to replace a regular employee.

  7. Teachers: “Teachers” are defined as persons hired under a contract pursuant to section 118.21, Wis. Stats.

  8. Temporary Employees: “Temporary Employees” are defined as persons hired for a specific project for a specific length of time. A temporary employee has no expectation of continued employment.