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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


12.2 Food Service Summer Program

All summer Food Service positions shall be posted and filled pursuant to the District’s extended employment procedures for summer employment. The District shall post summer positions no later than April 1, and the selection and notification process shall be completed by April 15 each year. All posted positions shall be for the entire summer program period except for Food Service Worker 2 and Floater positions which shall be split into two (2) sessions for the summer. Employees may apply for positions both at the Food Processing Center and at other Food Service locations. If an employee leaves employment during a summer session, the District may replace the employee without reposting the position, utilizing the previous postings. Food Service employees who work in the Summer Food Service Program shall receive all benefits currently then available as stated herein. Employees working as Food Service Worker 2 or Floater for one (1) session shall be entitled to take two (2) days off without pay during the session; employees working as Food Service Worker 2 or Floater for both sessions and other employees working the entire summer may take four (4) days off without pay during the summer. Floaters are guaranteed twenty (20) hours of work per pay period.