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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


12.2 Retirement Sick Leave Payment

Retirees are defined as benefit-eligible employees who are over fifty-five (55) years of age upon retirement, have been employed in the District at least ten (10) years and are an immediate annuitant of the Wisconsin Retirement Fund. Retirees who have any District insurance coverages (life, dental, health insurance, long-term care or Medicare supplement) as of January 1 of the year preceding the year in which the employee retires shall receive the equivalent value of their accumulated unused sick leave credits, up to a maximum of 1550 hours, computed at the educational assistant’s prevailing wage rate, including any longevity pay, in effect at the time of the educational assistant’s retirement. Employees who meet the eligibility standards set forth above shall also receive the equivalent value of fifty percent (50%) of their accumulated sick leave credits in excess of 1550 hours, computed at the educational assistant’s prevailing wage rate, including any longevity pay, in effect at the time of the educational assistant’s retirement. These funds will be utilized to pay the full premium of his/her continued participation in the life, dental, health insurance, long-term care or Medicare supplement then in force for educational assistants until said funds are exhausted.

If a retired employee dies and is receiving benefits as defined above, his/her spouse will continue to receive benefits which are in force at the time of the death of the retired employee until the first of the following occurs:

  1. Said funds are exhausted.

  2. The spouse elects to discontinue coverage in the District benefits programs;

  3. The spouse dies; or

  4. The spouse remarries.

Employees who (1) retire; (2) have spouses actively working on the District’s staff at the time of retirement; and (3) transfer to their spouse’s District coverage, may, at the option of the employee, bank their accumulated sick leave until such time as they elect to utilize it or their spouse leaves District employment, whichever occurs first.

Upon retirement, an employee may switch his/her health and dental insurance coverage to that of a working spouse and return to coverage available under the Handbook at such time as a qualifying event occurs. The retiree under this section must submit application for insurance, with evidence of the qualifying event, within thirty (30) days of the loss of family coverage as a result of the following qualifying events: (1) their spouse’s death; (2) their spouse’s termination; (3) divorce; (4) the reduction of one’s spouse’s hours of work which results in the loss of eligibility of health insurance via his/her employer; or (5) when the spouse of the employee who has carried the family insurance experiences a significant reduction in benefits.

The value of the accumulated unused sick leave of an employee who dies after reaching age 55 but before retirement and at the time of death has a spouse working for the District, shall be held in a separate account and will be accessible to such employee’s surviving spouse when he/ she retires from District employment.

Eligible retirees, as defined above, may participate in the health and dental plan(s) currently available through the Handbook provided they pay 100% of the premiums for same directly to the insurance carrier.

Employees eligible for disability retirement benefits (i.e. Wisconsin Retirement System or Social Security) may participate in the insurance plan(s) provided they pay the full monthly premium.