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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

12.2 Unpaid Medical Leave
  1. Application Procedures: All requests for a medical leave of absence must be submitted to the Benefits Department. 

    Leave Request Form

    Generally, an employee seeking medical leave will be required to fully exhaust any available and accrued paid leave that is available for that purpose. The request must be accompanied by a physician’s statement attesting to the medical condition(s), work limitations, and anticipated duration of the leave. The District reserves the right to request interim statements from the physician. A medical leave of absence shall not exceed two (2) calendar years from the date the employee last performed work for the District. Leave may be granted in shorter increments than the above-stated maximum total length, and then reviewed as necessary for a possible extension.

  2. Interaction with Family and Medical Leave Provisions: The term (i.e., length) of any approved medical leave shall run concurrent with any leave(s) provided for under the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act and/or under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

  3. Benefits During Periods of Time Covered Exclusively by Unpaid Medical Leave:

    1. Length of service and other benefits shall not accrue during unpaid medical leave.

    2. The employee may continue insurance benefits during an unpaid medical leave of absence by remitting the full premium amounts to the District. If the premium is not received by the due date established by the District, the employee’s insurance coverage shall be terminated.

    3. During the unpaid medical leave, the employee shall retain any remaining accumulated paid sick leave that was previously accrued, but shall not accrue any additional paid leave during the unpaid leave.

  4. Placement upon Return from non-FMLA Unpaid Medical Leave:  An employee returning from a medical leave of absence of one (1) year or less shall retain the right to return to the position he/she formerly held at the time the leave was requested.  An employee returning from a medical leave of absence of more than one (1) year shall be placed in the next vacant position for which he/she is qualified.  If there is no vacant position at the time the employee is released to return to work, the employee shall have the option to:

    1. Be assigned to a substitute position receiving his/her regular salary/wage and benefits until a vacant position for which he/she is qualified becomes available. Every reasonable effort will be made to place the employee in a long-term substitute assignment and/or assignments at the school/location to which he/she was previously assigned.

    2. Choose to go on layoff status.

    The employee shall be eligible to return to duty from an unpaid medical leave of absence provided the employee provides his/her physician’s certification that he/she is able to return to work. The District reserves the right to designate another physician to verify or refute the employee’s physician’s certification.

    Requests to return to work prior to the designated expiration date of a term of approved unpaid leave (e.g., due to an unexpectedly accelerated recovery) will be evaluated on an individualized basis, but must always be supported by a physician’s certification as described above.

  5. Failure to Return after Expiration of Leave: In the event the employee does not return to work following the expiration of the leave, and subject to applicable legal restrictions, he/she will be deemed to have resigned his/her position with the District and waived any and all rights to further employment by the District.