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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.3 Compensatory Time Off

Employees may by mutual consent with the District, take compensatory time off for overtime worked at the time and one half rate or double time rate, whichever is applicable, provided such time off is taken at a mutually agreed upon time consistent with the current federal and state legislation.

For 10-month secretaries, compensatory time off may be taken on work days falling within Monday of the week before new teachers report to school and one week after the last day the teachers work during the school year. Ten-month secretaries cannot credit compensatory time off during winter or spring breaks until such time as they have exhausted all of their available vacation and have obtained approval from their immediate supervisor.

The employee may, at his/her option, elect to have up to eighty (80) hours of accrued compensatory time off paid out at the employee’s current hourly rate of pay once per calendar year (January 1 through December 31). The employee will provide Payroll Services with a written notice of his/her request. Upon payment, the employee’s balance of compensatory time off will be reduced by the number of hours that the employee has elected to have paid out.