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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.3 Job Notification

When offering an assignment, the District shall notify the prospective substitute teacher of the following information:

1) School Name/Location
2) Teacher Name (when applicable)
3) Start time of the assignment
4) End time of the assignment
5) Assignment
6) Expected amount of compensation or FTE
7) Special instructions related to the assignment

When possible, where the teacher for whom a substitute is teaching planned a field trip, the substitute will be notified of the field trip when he/she is notified of the assignment. The substitute, with the concurrence of the principal, will attend. If the substitute was not notified of the field trip prior to accepting the assignment and is uncomfortable attending same, the building principal, or designee, may provide other suitable work in the building. When on assignment the building principal, or his designee, shall make available for the substitute a copy of the appropriate school policies (including school district emergency procedure booklet), a map of the school, an outline of the absence and tardiness procedures, recess schedule (if applicable), teacher’s daily schedule, general class schedule, bell schedule when applicable, the name and phone number of any individual designated in charge of discipline or who may provide assistance if necessary (e.g., Dept. Chair, Learning Coordinator, etc.) and access to the classroom at least 30 minutes before assignment is to commence or upon arrival. Seating charts, class schedule and lesson plans for all classes to be taught should be provided to the substitute. Board of Education policies will be available to the substitute upon request.