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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


13.12 Twelve-Month Bilingual Resource Specialists Holidays

Twelve (12)-month BRSs shall be entitled to the following days off with pay or a compensatory day off in lieu thereof. Should an employee be required to work on any of the holidays listed below, such employees shall receive double time for hours worked in addition to holiday pay or compensatory time off at a straight time rate. All employees who work in the pay period in which the holiday falls and work their last scheduled shift before, and their first scheduled shift after the holiday, or are off on account of an excused absence, shall be entitled to regular holiday pay.

New Year’s Day; b) Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.; c) First Friday of spring break; d) Memorial Day; e) Independence Day; f) Labor Day; g) Thanksgiving Day; h) Day after Thanksgiving; i) December 24; j) December 25; k) December 31; l) one (1) floating holiday with the permission of the employee’s supervisor as to the date; and m) one (1) floating holiday to be taken between June 15 and August 15 with the permission of the employee’s supervisor as to date (this floating holiday will not be carried over for employee use beyond August 15).

If December 25 or New Year’s Day falls on Saturday, either the previous Thursday or the following Monday shall be paid days off to coincide with the winter break for that particular year (December of each year) as designated on the school year calendar. Independence Day shall be observed as a paid day off on the day designated by Congress.

In the event that December 25 and New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday or Monday, the employees shall observe the December 24 and December 31 holidays on either the previous Friday or following Tuesday to coincide with the winter break for that particular year (December of each year) as designated on the school year calendar.

If any of the holidays fall on the employees’ scheduled day off, the employees shall be given another day off at a time which is agreeable to the employees and their supervisor.

An employee is not eligible for a floating holiday during the first six (6) months of employment.

Annual Paid Vacation

Twelve (12)-month BRS shall earn vacation leave as follows:
First 36 months of service, .83 day per month of service (maximum of ten (10) days per year).

37th month through 79th month of service, 1.04 days per month of service (maximum of 12-1/2 days per year).

80th month through 132nd month of service, 1.25 days per month of service (maximum of 15 days per year).

133rd month through 192nd month of service, 1.46 days per month of service (maximum of 17- 1/2 days per year.)

193rd month through 259th month of service, 1.67 days per month of service (maximum of 20 days per year).

260th month through 359th month of service and thereafter, 2.08 days per month of service (maximum of 25 days per year).

360th month of service and thereafter, 2.16 days per month of service (maximum of 26 days per year).

For purposes of this section, the employee shall be given credit for the employee’s total months of service from the date of original hire in the District.

Employees shall not be granted vacation credits until satisfactory completion of their first six (6) months of employment. Upon completion of six (6) months of satisfactory employment, employees shall be entitled to use vacation during the calendar year in which the vacation is earned, plus any earned but unused vacation credit from the probationary period which was earned during the previous year.

The Employer shall designate vacation periods by job title or work location duringwhich employees may select their vacations. The designated periods shall provide each employee the opportunity to use his/her vacation. Employees shall be entitled to select their vacations during periods so designated in a manner which shall allow those with the greatest seniority first choice. Vacations will be permitted during the school year in accordance with this provision and the requirements of the school functions.

The Employer agrees to provide each employee an opportunity to use all earned vacation credits annually, and employees are encouraged to use vacation in extended periods of several days. This provision shall not, however, preclude variations in the use of vacation credits according to peculiar individual circumstances provided such variations shall be agreed to by the Employer.

Vacation days are earned and used on a calendar year basis, and unused days are not carried over from one employee’s calendar year to another, except by recommendation of the employee’s supervisor and approval of Human Resources.

In cases where carryover is approved, it shall be limited to five (5) days and carryover must be used prior to May 31 of the next year. In addition to the five (5) carryover days, an employee may request to deposit a maximum of five (5) unused vacation days in his/her sick leave account.

A request to carryover or deposit in an employee’s sick leave account must be made not later than 5:00 p.m. on December 10.