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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


13.2 Probationary Period

Newly hired Bilingual Resource Specialists shall be on probation for up to the first three (3) years of employment and shall, during that period, have all the rights provided in this Addendum except the right to appeal a suspension or discharge beyond Level 2 of the grievance procedure provisions of this Handbook as outlined in Section 4. However, the District shall provide to any suspended or terminated probationary employee a statement setting forth the cause for such action. The probationary period may be extended by mutual agreement of the employee and the District. Any employee who is retained in a position covered by this Addendum beyond three (3) years of employment, unless extended per above, shall be considered to have completed his/her probationary period and no other notice shall be necessary to establish such status.

If a Bilingual Resource Specialist, who completed the probationary period in the Bilingual Resource Specialist’s initial term of employment with the District, leaves the District for more than three (3) years, he/she shall serve a one (1)-year probationary period upon his/her return.

A probationary Bilingual Resource Specialist, who has been identified by his/her administrator as having a performance problem(s), may be denied requests for voluntary transfer during probation. A description of any performance problem will be reduced to writing by the administration and furnished to the Bilingual Resource Specialist.