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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


13.3 Limited Term Employees

All employees hired by the District on a temporary basis, i.e., for a season or limited period of time and not through the procedures set forth herein, to perform unit work, are defined as “Limited Term Employees” (LTEs). The selection of LTEs shall be accomplished through the hiring hall of the craft unions involved from bench lists maintained by said unions.

The District agrees that LTEs will be kept at the lowest number consistent with the School District’s needs and that LTEs will not be used to avoid filling regular employee positions.

LTEs shall be limited to 1200 hours of continuous or regularly scheduled work within one calendar year from the date of hire. In keeping with the above intent, the District shall not serialize or rotate the LTEs into the same continuous work assignments (i.e., cannot rotate LTEs in or out of a job to provide a continuously filled position). Limits on hours contained herein may be extended under certain circumstances and for specific project needs.

LTEs shall be paid the Area Standard Wage Rate for the craft involved, as reported to the District. The Area Standard Wage Rate is the combined total of wages and fringe benefit costs in the appropriate Standard Area Agreement for the craft worker involved. The hourly rate of pay and the hourly fringe benefit costs combined will be paid to the craft worker on the paycheck. LTEs shall not receive fringe benefits as provided herein but hours of work, overtime compensation and premium pay shall be in accordance with the terms herein.