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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.4 Movement on the Salary Schedule
  1. A teacher must earn six (6) professional advancement credits every five (5) years to cross an improvement level on the salary schedule.

  2. All credits for improvement level purposes are consumed when an improvement level is crossed; however, all credits earned can be accumulated for horizontal track transfer where such credits can be applied. Credits in excess of those required for crossing the improvement level may be banked. All credits earned can be accumulated for horizontal track transfer where such credits can be applied.

  3. Evidence of such credits must be received in the Office of the Department of Human Resources no later than 5:00 p.m., October 1 to effect a retroactive adjustment in the teacher’s salary for the first semester and no later than 5:00 p.m., February 1 to effect a retroactive adjustment in the teacher’s salary for the second semester. For those teachers having the necessary credits on file no later than 5:00 p.m., July 1, the salary adjustment will be reflected in the paycheck received on October 1. Any retroactive payments due teachers pursuant to this subsection shall be paid in a lump sum.

  4. A professional advancement credit may be:  

    1. An academic credit as evaluated by the University of Wisconsin, or

    2. Such credit as is established by the Professional Advancement Study Committee.

      Professional Advancement Credit Document

  5. Academic credits in addition to or in combination with professional advancement are accepted for movement from one improvement level to the next on the teachers’ salary schedule. Either academic and/or professional advancement credits may be used for track transfer to Tracks 2, 3, 5, and 6.

  6. Credits granted on initial employment because of proximity to improvement levelsare:

    1. 4th step schedule placement – six (6) credits (none required)

    2. 3rd step schedule placement – four (4) credits (two (2) required)

    3. 2nd step schedule placement – two (2) credits (four (4) required)

    4. Procedures for advancement on the schedule are the same for between step placements as for the next highest step.

    Such “granted” credits may be used for improvement level purposes only and not for horizontal or track transfer purposes.

  7. Recommendation that a teacher cross an improvement level of salary schedule is made in accordance with the following:

    1. The principal or supervisor submits to the Department of Human Resources a review and evaluation of the teacher’s performance during the years of employment in the current improvement level bracket, and recommends that the teacher be or not be advanced to the next improvement level bracket.

    2. When the teacher is not recommended, the principal or supervisor shall notify the teacher by November 15 of the year preceding the issuance of a contract for which the teacher has met all other requirements for attaining a higher improvement level.

    3. The teacher who is not recommended for advancement to the next improvement level may apply for a hearing before the Board of Education, and the Board of Education conducts the hearing in accordance with the nonrenewal procedures.

    4. The Board of Education decision is limited to the crossing of the teacher to the next improvement level in question and is not construed as relating to the teacher’s right to continued employment at the teacher’s attained level.

    5. When there is no recommendation that the teacher be denied advancement in accordance with the terms and conditions of this provision, she/he shall automatically be advanced. 

  8. No professional advancement credits or academic credits earned previous to the first day of teaching service in the District are accepted for improvement level purposes on the salary schedule with the exception of those required or approved by the District during the summer immediately preceding the employee’s first day of service under a regular contract with the District.

  9. Academic credits earned prior to employment in the District may be accumulated for horizontal transfer placement (track transfer) purposes on the salary schedule.

  10. Credit to be acceptable for improvement level purposes must have a grade of “satisfactory” or “B” or better; a grade of “progress” is incomplete and not acceptable.

  11. Credits which a teacher earns during a period of non-employment which follows a resignation are not consumed upon subsequent reemployment.

  12. No additional time is allowed twelve (12) month employees to earn improvement level credits.

  13. A staff member inducted into or volunteering for military service is granted three (3) improvement/incentive level credits for each year of military service; they are consumed upon crossing an improvement/incentive level and can be used for improvement/incentive level purposes only.

  14. In totaling days taught for increment purposes, the same method of counting shall be employed as issued by the Business Services Office for State Teachers Retirement reporting.

    Schedule increments (Salary schedule level advancements) shall reflect a teacher’s year(s) of teaching experience as calculated below. Such shall be full increments and are made annually. Teachers who are passed over for the annual increment because of their failure to earn sufficient credits shall regain proper placement to reflect their years of service at such time as such credits earned are sufficient to warrant new placement. However, in such replacement the teacher shall have no claim to monies lost in the interim.

  15. Credits from other colleges, especially those on the quarterly basis, are accepted on their rated value as determined by policies of the University of Wisconsin. Credits not acceptable to the University are not acceptable to the District, except in such instances as the Superintendent shall rule them especially applicable and, therefore, acceptable.

  16. The location of improvement levels is shown in “Salary Schedule”.

  17. Annual written notification of the number of credits required to cross an improvement level shall be noted on each individual teacher’s contract.