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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

14.2 Other Unpaid Leave
  1. Application Procedures: All requests for other unpaid leaves of absence, other than emergencies, must be submitted to the District at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated beginning of the leave. Such application will be reviewed and granted or denied at the District’s sole discretion. The unpaid leave of absence shall not exceed one (1) calendar year. An employee must have worked for the District for one year in order to be eligible to apply for an other unpaid leave.

  2. Criteria Considered When Processing Leave Requests: 

    1. Length of Leave

    2. Ability to find a qualified substitute

    3. Number of open positions in the department, school and District

    4. Turnover within the department/school that would amplify the disruption caused by the leave

    5. Is the employee on a performance improvement plan

    6. Purpose of the leave

    7. Likelihood of employee returning after the leave

    8. Number of other non-FMLA or non-medical type of leaves the employee has taken

    9. Benefit that granting the leave would provide to the District

    10. Supervisor support of the leave

  3. The employee may continue insurance during the unpaid leave of absence by remitting the full premium amounts to the District.  If the premium is not received by the due date established by the District, the employee’s insurance coverage shall be terminated.

  4. During the unpaid leave, the employee shall retain accumulated paid leave, but shall not accrue any additional paid leave during the unpaid leave.

  5. Placement upon Return from Leave: The employee shall retain the right to return to the position he/she formerly held at the time the leave was requested.