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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.5 Volunteers

Upon approval from the head coach/advisor and the athletic director or principal, an individual may serve as a volunteer coach/advisor for an extra-curricular activity. The following guidelines apply to volunteers:

  1. They will not be eligible for salary/wages, stipend, or benefits;

  2. They will be covered by the District’s general liability insurance policy whileacting as a volunteer coach for the District. However, there is no coverage under the District’s liability insurance policy for claims made against volunteers by other volunteers or District employees;

  3. They are responsible for their own personal injuries (i.e., ineligible for worker’s compensation);

  4. They must consent to a background check;

  5. They must follow all District activity and athletic policies and procedures and other District policies as applicable;

  6. They accept direct and indirect supervision of the head coach; and,

  7. They may be dismissed at any time without cause.