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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

15.1 Flexible Spending Account
A teach and a student working together

The District will provide an Internal Revenue Service authorized cafeteria plan/flexible spending account [FSA] under applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Code (§ 105, § 106, § 125 and § 129) to permit employees to reduce their salary and contribute to an FSA to cover the following expenses:

  1. Payment of insurance premium amounts (IRC § 106);

  2. Permitted medical expenses not covered by the insurance plan (IRC § 105), and

  3. Dependent care costs (IRC § 129) subject to the limitations set forth in the Internal Revenue Service Code.

An employee may designate, under the flexible reimbursement plan/cafeteria plan, the maximum for eligible health and dental care expenses not covered by the insurance plan (IRS Code § 105, § 125) per plan year as authorized by the Internal Revenue Service Code.

Payments and the designation of amounts to be contributed to the employee’s account will be subject to the procedures, rules and regulations of the plan’s administrating agency. The provision of this plan shall be contingent upon the continuance of this benefit under the applicable Internal Revenue Code Sections (§ 105, § 106, § 125 and § 129).