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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


15.10 Compensation for Non-Contract Work/Overnights and Summer Staff Development Opportunities
  1. The District agrees that when opportunities to participate in voluntary activities or staff development opportunities during the summer recess are presented to teachers, it shall be done in a manner which clearly conveys the fact that teachers will not be penalized or suffer harm for choosing not to volunteer.

  2. Teachers who volunteer to participate in non-contract time activity offered by the District during the school year shall, at their option, be entitled to receive one (1) of the following forms of compensation:

    1. Professional advancement credits if such are requested and approved by the Professional Advancement Credit Committee.

    2. Extended employment salary if such is offered by the District.

    3. Payment for graduate credits, if such is offered by the District.

    4. Professional advancement credit or extended employment salary or UW-Madison graduate credits or any combination thereof.

  3. Teachers who are invited or requested by the District to attend staff development opportunities during the summer recess will, in addition to having the options set forth in Item #2 above, be accommodated by the District paying any costs for registration, texts and other required learning materials, housing, transportation and meals, if funds are available. There will be no other form of compensation associated with these staff development opportunities. There will be no retribution toward the employee if the employee declines to participate.

  4. Teachers who wish to volunteer to participate in non-contract time activities for no compensation of any kind, may do so.

  5. If the activity is a District sponsored field trip/retreat which includes overnight activity, participants and their supervisor may mutually agree to the provision of meals, lodging, time off the following day, and/or substitutes at no cost to the participants.