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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


15.2 Principal Designee

When the building principal is to be out of the building, the principal shall designate, in writing, a person to be in charge of the building and the operation of the school. If the same person is to be designated for the school year, notice to the staff upon appointment shall suffice. The staff will be notified prior to the principal’s departure, should there be any variance in the designation of the person in charge.

Should a teacher be appointed, the teacher will be given the name of a central office or other administrator who will be available to make any crucial decisions. Should circumstances necessitate the designee to act for the principal, staff will be designated to cover the designee’s class to enable contact with the principal, contact with central office or to take other appropriate action.

A teacher so appointed shall not, as regards to other staff members, evaluate, discipline, or effectively recommend the same.