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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


15.3 Packing and Unpacking Teaching Materials
  1. Teachers will not be required to pack, and/or unpack, teaching materials either during the school year or during a school recess period due to major* cleaning, construction projects, repairs, electrical upgrades, etc. due to their classroom being moved at management’s request or when the District deems it is necessary to utilize the teacher’s classroom for classes or other activities during a school recess period. The District will arrange for the teacher’s materials to be moved to his/her new assigned location. If materials are relocated during a period when school is in recess, they will be returned by the District for the resumption of school.

  2. Other than to accommodate an employee under the Americans with Disability Act [ADA] or Wisconsin Fair Employment Act [WFEA] where his/her disability prohibits him/her from packing, unpacking and moving his/her materials, a teacher who requests to move from one classroom to another in the same school may be required to move his/her own teaching materials. In regards to an accommodation required under the ADA and WFEA associated with the movement of the teacher’s classroom location, the District will pack and unpack the individual’s teaching materials as set forth in paragraph one (1) above.

  3. A teacher who is asked by her/his principal to pack, and/or unpack, teaching materials as set forth in paragraph 1 shall complete a form provided by the principal to be submitted to and approved by the Executive Director of Human Resources (or his/her designee) prior to commencing said packing or unpacking. The District will, upon receipt of such form and verification of said work falling within the parameters of paragraph 1, inform the teacher that he/she will not be required to perform the work.

*Major cleaning shall include all cleaning not regularly associated with annual and/or routine classroom cleaning. Major cleaning includes, but is not limited to, cleaning required due to construction, fires or natural disasters. Teachers may, at their option, use contract time to complete packing, and/or unpacking, related to routine classroom cleaning.