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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.6 Emergency Closings
  1. Should it become necessary to close or delay the opening of school due to inclement weather, power failures or other circumstances, notice to those in the bargaining unit shall be delivered prior to 6:30 a.m. over radio stations whose broadcast studios are located within the city limits of the City of Madison. If the schools are closed during the day, then notice will be given at the school building. If schools are closed as described above, educational assistants shall not report to work or shall leave work. Lost work time due to a temporary school closing or delay in opening may be compensated by the educational assistant’s request in writing to the educational assistant’s principal or supervisor to use personal illness leave. Educational assistants who choose not to use personal illness leave may elect to make up the lost work time as set forth in paragraph #2.

  2. Educational assistants, at their option, may elect to make up work time missed above, unless the school year is extended pursuant to paragraph #3 below, in the following manner:

    1. With prior written approval of their principal or supervisor as to the make up time, dates and duties, educational assistants may make up all of the regularly assigned time which was lost on the days referenced in paragraph #1 through completion of one week after the current school year.

    2. Payment at their regular hourly rate for services will occur in the payroll period in which the missed time occurs. If the make-up time is not completed by the end of one week following the last day of the school year, a pay dock will occur for the balance of the hours not completed on the last pay date in June of the school year in which the snow/emergency day occurred.

    3. The time set for make up plus the regular assigned hours cannot exceed forty (40) hours per week.

    4. Make up hours (i.e., moving from part time to full time status) cannot be used to qualify for benefits (except for sick leave) eligibility, nor will the loss of hours for the reasons referenced herein cause the loss of benefits.

    5. Duties for the make-up time will include staff development/training opportunities offered by the District, or work traditionally assigned by the principal or supervisor, or work of clerical/technical nature so long as such does not reduce the regularly scheduled hours of members of the clerical/technical bargaining unit.

  3. If it is necessary to extend the school year to qualify for state aid then the regularly scheduled hours must be made up during the extended school year.