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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


1.6 Extra-Curricular Pay Schedule

Placement on the Schedule

  1. Employees performing in an extra duty position shall be paid a percent of one (1) of three (3) base rates.
    1. Base 1 – is step 4 of the regular BA schedule and is applied to the employees’ first involvement in this program.

    2. Base 2 – is step 8 of the regular BA schedule. It is reached after four (4) previous years of service in a position covered by this schedule.

    3. Base 3 – is step 12 of the regular BA schedule. It is reached after eight (8) years of service in a position covered by this schedule.

    (1) Experience in a scheduled activity in the District is honored at the full credit for placement on the schedule. No more than one (1) year of experience can be earned in any one (1) contract year on the Extra Duty Compensation Schedule. Experience in a scheduled activity outside the District is honored at half credit for placement on the schedule.

  2. Past experience as a noon lunch or playground supervisor has no credit for placement on the schedule.

  3. Base rates for newly added positions will include prior years’ service in such extra duty position.

  4. If an employee moves from one (1) scheduled activity to another, the years of experience earned at the earlier position are given full credit in calculating the new position.

  5. Should the District fill the position of Athletic Trainer for a given school, such individual shall be compensated at Base 3.

Compensation of Off Schedule Positions

Individuals employed as supervisors, ticket takers and sellers, timers, scorers, scoreboard operators, announcers, field judges and line judges shall be paid at the rate of $9.50 per hour. Staff assigned to a particular school who wish to volunteer for such employment shall submit their names to the Athletic Director who shall place these names on a list and make assignments from the list. If there are fewer applicants than there are openings, other individuals may be solicited to volunteer.

Activity % of Base
Varsity Head Coach:
Football, Basketball, Track, Debate, Forensics
Dramatics (Two 3-act productions)
Varsity Head Coach: Gymnastics, Hockey, Swimming 11
Varsity Head Coach:
Newspaper (eight (8) to fourteen (14) issues)
Varsity Head Coach: Baseball, Softball, Cross Country, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Golf 9
JV/JV2 Head Coach:
Freshman Head Coach:
Varsity Assistant Coach:
Varsity Head Coach:
Basketball, Hockey and Football
Dramatics (Two 3-act productions)
Football, Basketball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Hockey, Debate (when team exceeds 25), Forensics (when team exceeds 25)
Drama (Stage, Lighting, Technical)
Dance Team, Cheerleaders
Varsity Assistant Coach:
JV/JV2 Coach:
Fall and Winter Equipment Manager
Athletic Trainer:
Varsity Head Coach:
JV Head Coach:
JV/JV2 Assistant Coach:
Spring Equipment Manager
Dive Coach
Athletic Trainer:
Strength Coaches:
Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Cross Country
Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis
High School Band
Fall, Winter, Spring
JV2/Freshman Head Coach:
JV2 Assistant Coach:
Athletic Trainer: Manager:
Varsity Asst. Coach:
Baseball, Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis
Track (when squad exceeds 35)
High School Literary Magazine
Dance Team, Cheerleader
JV2 Asst. Coach:
Club Advisor*
Cross Country
High School Dramatics (1 3-act production), Middle School Drama High School Choir, High School Orchestra
Musical Middle and High School; (4% per play)
Coordinator: Elementary School Safety Patrol Crossing Guard 3

* Club is defined as an interscholastic competition team club consisting of at least five (5) pupils authorized by the building principal. Examples include but are not limited to: Science Olympiad, Math Team, Future Problem Solving, DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, Skills USA and Robotics. Outside of DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, and Skills USA, high schools can only authorize up to four club advisors.

  1. Supervision during the noon lunch period (playground, lunchroom, school-community recreation programs), except in cases in which a teacher is taking a class on a field trip and/or participating in extra duty events for which a teacher is paid on the above schedule and/or is performing such duty as a part of the instructional process within the pupil- teacher contract, time shall be compensated at the rate of $9.10 per hour. Compensation shall be computed in one-half (1/2) hour lots. Such does not apply toward experience credit for base placement.

  2. Assistant Coaches assigned to any one of the above, but not so delineated, shall be paid seventy percent (70%) of the rate for the coaching of the activity in which he/she is assisting.

  3. Should the WIAA change the official length of the season for any sport covered by this schedule, and the District participates in that sport as sponsored by WIAA, then the above positions may be adjusted reflecting the length of the season for that sport relative to the length of the season for the other above activities.

  4. Each elementary school may have the equivalent of one (1) Coordinator of Elementary School Safety Patrol. When employees share the job, the District shall pro-rate the compensation.