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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

18.1 Handbook Review/Revision

The Handbook shall be reviewed as needed for possible revision, but at least every two years. The District will obtain feedback in the following ways:

  1. Develop an online and a paper feedback form where all employees can submit comments anonymously throughout the year regarding thoughts, ideas, challenges and successes with regard to the handbook.

  2. Monthly labor/management meetings with designated representatives from the employee groups.

Taking into consideration the feedback received the District along with employee groups will prepare a draft of proposed revisions. Draft proposed revisions and/or sections of the Handbook under consideration for revision will be brought to the Board for review and recommendation prior to being forwarded to the Review Committee. The Board can also unilaterally forward to the Review Committee for discussion proposed revisions and/or sections of the Handbook to consider for revision.

A Review Committee comprised of District and employee representatives will meet, as needed, to review the proposed handbook revisions in the attempt to reach a consensus on changes, deletions, and additions to the handbook. The employee groups (teachers, substitute teachers, educational assistants, school security assistants, clerical and technical employees, custodians, trades and food service) will determine the employee representatives.

Revisions on which the Review Committee can reach consensus will be forwarded by the Superintendent to the Board for final approval. On any area where a consensus is not reached, the Superintendent shall make a determination and recommendation to the Board for final approval. Unless the parties mutually agree, recommended changes to the Employee Handbook for the subsequent school year shall be finalized no later than January 15.