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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.1 Salary Rates

Daily Rate

The current Salary Schedules can be found on the MMSD Compensation website.

Long-Term Rate

The current Salary Schedules can be found on the MMSD Compensation website.

Extended Long-Term Rate

The extended long-term rate is applicable for assignments greater than one (1) semester. The extended long-term daily rate of pay is determined by calculating the daily rate that the substitute teacher would receive if he/she were being initially placed on the teacher salary schedule. This daily rate is calculated by dividing the annual teacher salary rate by 192 days.

A substitute in an extended long-term assignment shall be eligible to receive health, dental and life insurance benefits as set forth in the Handbook when: 1) the assignment is known at the onset to be more than a semester (90 school days or more) or 2) the assignment falls within the parameters of Addendum A Section 3.03 of the Handbook.

Special Pay Rates

Individuals substituting for psychologists, nurses, speech and language pathologists, and occupational and physical therapists, shall be compensated at the equivalent of their daily rate as if hired under a regular teaching contract.

Individuals substituting for social workers, braillists, guidance counselors, and teachers for the visually impaired or hearing impaired shall be compensated according to the following formula: Track 6, Level 8.0 of the Teacher Salary Schedule ÷ 192 days.

A psychologist, social worker, nurse, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, braillist, guidance counselor, or teacher for the visually impaired or hearing impaired who retires from the District and who is subsequently rehired to substitute in a position similar to that for which he/she had primary responsibility shall be paid at his/her formerly achieved track and level. Similar means the same position from which a person retired, but at a different location.