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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.2 Health Insurance

Eligibility: Teachers who are employed half-time (.5) or more are eligible for health insurance coverage

Teachers new to the District shall have such coverage available the 1st day of the month following their start date, provided online enrollment is completed by the employee within 30 days of their eligibility date.

A teacher who is employed as an extended long-term substitute and who qualifies for health insurance will have said coverage continue over the summer and for the subsequent school year if he/she is issued a regular contract or is placed as an extended long-term substitute position for the ensuing school year by July 10. Extended long-term substitutes who finish the school year with health insurance coverage through the District and who do not qualify for insurance benefits the following school year will have benefits contributions cease at the end of July.

Employees will be considered “new employees” for eligibility purposes when they seek to enroll in the District group plan because of loss of their insurance coverage. A “new employee” under this section must complete online enrollment and submit evidence of the qualifying event, within thirty (30) days of the loss of other coverage as a result of the following qualifying events: their spouse’s death; (2) their spouse’s termination of employment; (3) divorce; or (4) the reduction of one’s hours of work which results in the loss of eligibility of health insurance for the employee/spouse/dependent(s) via his/her employer, or (5) when the spouse of the employee, who has carried the family health insurance, experiences a significant reduction in benefits. Employees will also be considered “new employees” for eligibility purposes when their hours have been increased allowing them to qualify for health insurance benefits. They must complete online enrollment for insurance within thirty (30) days of receipt of the notification of increased hours. The term “employees” when used for health insurance eligibility purposes shall refer only to current and eligible employees who seek to enroll in the District group plan and not to their spouses and/or dependents. Coverage under this section will become effective the first day following the termination date of the other coverage.


The District currently offers the option of membership in one of two (2) qualified health maintenance organizations (HMO): Group Health Cooperative and Dean Health Plan. The District will also provide employees the additional option of membership in one of the approved Point of Service/Preferred Provider Organization (POS/PPO) plans as offered to District employees by each of the provided HMOs.

The District can require employees to make insurance premium contributions not to exceed 10% of the HMO monthly premium for both single and family coverage.