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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.2 Job Posting

Existing educational assistant vacancies are posted online the last school day of each week. A list of educational assistant vacancies may be examined at any time in the Office of Human Resources. In addition, such information shall be made available orally to those educational assistants making telephone inquiries with Human Resources.

Vacancy notices shall be listed/posted for four (4) school days during the school year prior to the date requests for transfer are due. The notice shall contain the date transfer requests are due. Vacancies occurring after August 1 through the first four (4) weeks of school will not be posted. Educational assistants shall not be permitted to voluntarily transfer during this time.

Summer school positions will be posted for four (4) school days prior to the application deadline if such vacancies are known by the Department of Human Resources prior to the end of the school year. Qualifications and seniority will be considered in filling the position.