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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.2 Selection Process

Vacant positions shall, whenever practical, be filled by the promotion or transfer of bargaining unit employees. Minimum qualifications, performance and experience shall be established by the Employer and equally applied to all persons. Positions will be filled on the basis of skill and ability as determined by Employer. When such qualifications are relatively equal between employees, the senior employee making application shall be promoted or transferred.

In promoting employees to Custodial and Maintenance positions, the District shall follow the established career ladder for Custodial and Maintenance employees. This progression is typically from Custodial Worker I to Custodial Worker II to Custodial Worker III to Maintenance Worker to Building Custodian I and to Building Custodian II. A similar progression shall be used for Grounds Crew employees.

The District shall offer training to all employees on a periodic basis so as to provide opportunities for employees to progress up the career ladder. Such training shall consist of formal and on-the job instruction. The District shall make such training opportunities known to employees. It is the employee’s responsibility to request attendance at formal sessions. Employees will have sufficient training opportunities so that, upon successful completion of said training, they will be able to progress up the career ladder based upon seniority.

The District may require employees to demonstrate their competency prior to promotion. Evidence of competency will include supervisory evaluation and may include hands on evaluation and/or oral and/or written test which shall be fairly administered and be reasonably related to the job.

It is understood that District employees shall maintain the "water side" of all District boilers. Moreover, the District shall regularly assign such employees to assist in "fire side" maintenance and repair. It shall generally be the responsibility of Building Custodians and other personnel used by the District to demonstrate such maintenance work to other Custodial workers so that this skill is present as Custodial and Maintenance employees progress up the career ladder.

The rate of pay of newly hired, promoted or transferred employees shall be established in accordance with Salary Schedule.