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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.3 Selection Process

An educational assistant wishing to transfer should apply to the hiring authority as designated on the posting. Upon request of said hiring authority such transfer shall be made so long as the surplus pool does not include any more senior educational assistant qualified for the same position for which the above-mentioned educational assistant has applied.

The hiring authority shall then file a recommendation with the Director of Hiring. The Director of Hiring will review the recommendation and will process the transfer if approved. This will occur so long as the instructional requirements of the schools are not disrupted. Denial of the transfer may be for just cause. The Director of Hiring will notify the educational assistant of his/her decision.

Educational assistants shall be given preference for positions for which they have applied and are qualified, as determined by the Employer. Minimum qualifications, performance and experience shall be established by the employer and equally applied to all persons. Positions will be filled on the basis of skill and ability as determined by the employer. When the qualifications among transfer applicants are relatively equal, the senior employee making application for said position shall be selected.

When nurse’s assistant vacancies arise, the District shall first consider current nurse’s assistants who apply for the vacancy. If no current nurse’s assistant is awarded the position, the District shall consider educational assistants and special education assistants who apply for the vacancy prior to considering external candidates.

In the event of a school being closed, educational assistants displaced will be given a list of vacancies and shall indicate at least three preferences. Such educational assistants will be assigned according to procedures as outlined in Section 3.2.