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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


2.5 Job Sharing

Job sharing by employees may be permitted by the District subject to all of the following limitations:

  1. Job sharing shall only be allowed in full-time positions approved by the supervisor.

  2. The hours (position) made available by the reduction in hours by one individual shall be posted. The supervisor shall select from among the qualified applicants.

  3. No more than two employees are allowed to share a single full-time position. Employees working in job share assignments may both work above 19 hours per week when mutually agreeable with both employees and the District. Only one of the two job sharers will be allowed to obtain benefits - i.e., health, dental, and life. Prior to approval of the job share, a decision must be made by the job share participants as to which of the two employees will be allowed to obtain insurance benefits. Such decision must be communicated in writing to the Benefits Department prior to implementation of the job share. Both employees assigned to a job share shall be entitled to all “non-insurance” benefits (for example: vacation, sick leave, retirement contribution, paid holidays, LTD, etc.) provided they are otherwise eligible.

  4. The job share may be terminated as follows:

    1. The supervisor may discontinue the job share arrangement at any time.

    2. If the supervisor leaves the position, the job share shall terminate unless the new supervisor agrees to continue such an arrangement, or

    3. If one of the job sharers resigns or transfers, the supervisor may decide to continue or terminate the job share arrangement. Any continuance of the job share under this provision shall be subject to all of the terms of this section.

  5. When the job share is discontinued, the following procedure shall be implemented:

    1. The most senior employee occupying one of the job share positions will occupy the full-time position, and

    2. The less senior employee will be reassigned in accordance with Section 3 below.

  6. Each job sharer shall spend what ever time is necessary informing the other job sharer about job continuation issues, (e.g. projects needing work; location of files and materials; problem areas needing follow-up; etc.). The time needed for this continuation communication shall not be additionally reimbursed by the District if it cannot be completed during paid time.