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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


3.1 Assignment, Reassignment and Involuntary Transfer
  1. A teacher beginning employment in the Madison Metropolitan School District shall be given a preliminary notification of building and/or position assignment upon employment.

  2. The contract for continuing teachers shall have the location of the teaching position they are being offered when it is issued on May 15. This assignment is contingent upon the school population and instructional program remaining substantially unchanged. Additionally, when practical, to provide greater preparation time designed to accommodate the individual needs of the pupil, teachers will be advised as to the pupils assigned to their classes by June 1 of the preceding school year.

  3. The Superintendent may, within the first twenty-five (25) school days of the then current semester, unilaterally transfer a teacher because of substantial change in the school’s enrollment or substantial program change. Transfers made for any other reason shall be made only for just cause (the best interest of the District shall constitute just cause for such a transfer). Prior to transfers being made within the first twenty-five (25) school days as set forth herein, volunteers shall first be solicited. If the employee volunteering does not meet the percentage of contract necessary for reduction from the grade level (i.e., unit, grade or grade combination e.g.: 1-2) and/or Department or subject (whichever is appropriate) from which the transfer must be made, the teacher to be transferred shall be determined by the principal based on criteria as determined by the District

Criteria to be considered in making a unilateral transfer determination:

  1. Culturally Responsive Practices (Systems and Beliefs)

  2. Additional Language Proficiency

  3. Academic Credentials/ Certifications

  4. Seniority

The District shall apply the surplus/transfer rubric when reviewing teacher qualifications. The teacher with the lowest score will be selected for surplus, except where the instructional requirements of the school are disrupted.

Probationary teachers are exempt from the unilateral transfer process unless the principal determines that the unilateral transfer of a probationary teacher best meets the instructional needs of the school. Such decisions shall not be for reasons that are arbitrary or capricious.

When there is a tie in scores, the teacher scoring lower in Criteria 1 shall be selected for transfer. If the impacted teachers have the same score in Criteria 1, the teacher scoring lower in Criteria 2 will be selected for transfer.

Any teacher so transferred shall, when reasonably possible, be provided five (5) school days’ notice of the transfer unless the teacher waives the notice, or a portion thereof, in writing, and 1 shall be afforded at least two (2) school days in the school to which he/she is transferred to prepare lesson plans prior to assuming the new assignment.

  1. The assignment of school nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, therapy assistants, speech and language clinicians shall be made in consultation with staff based upon several parameters including, but not limited to, student need, geographic proximity, high school attendance areas, staff preferences and seniority and may include students in private and parochial schools