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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


3.1 Layoff

Layoffs shall be made only for the reasons asserted by the District and shall not be used to discipline an employee for his or her performance or conduct. Whenever the District, in its sole discretion, determines a reduction in the number of employee positions (full layoff) or in the number of hours in any position (partial layoff) is required, school security assistants will be laid off in inverse order of seniority provided the remaining school security assistants are qualified to perform the work of the laid off employee. When school security assistants have identical seniority dates, school security assistants shall be selected for layoff by lot.

A school security assistant’s seniority within the unit for purpose of promotion, transfer, layoff, recall and bumping shall be the date the employee entered the unit followed by continuous service. School security assistants shall have their anniversary date established at the original date of their most recent hire and shall be given credit for all time followed by continuous service.