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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


3.1 Reduction in Force

If an employee’s regularly scheduled position is reduced from a position of nineteen (19) hours or more to a position of less than nineteen (19) hours, that employee shall have a right to a benefits- eligible position for which he/she is qualified, occupied by the least senior employee in the District (the least senior benefits-eligible position must be from an equal classification or lower range position). The employee displaced by this action shall be reassigned to the least senior position in the District for which he/she is qualified. The least senior person displaced by this process may be subject to the layoff process set forth below.

Whenever a reduction in employees is required within the sole judgment of the employer because of a shortage of funds or work or a material change of duties and organization, such employee shall be laid off in inverse order of length of service with the employer provided that the remaining employees are capable of carrying out the required duties. Employees who are laid off shall have the right, according to seniority, to displace junior employees in their pay range or lower pay ranges in positions for which they are qualified.