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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.12 Crisis Management Plans/Emergency Situations

The District has a Crisis Management Plan for use when a situation requires emergency safety measures. The principal/supervisor will annually review with the staff at each work site, the District’s Crisis Management Plan. Each professional educator should know exactly what the emergency procedures are and where the resources associated with the plan are located for their classroom or work location. Employees must follow the prescribed procedures during any emergency drill or situation.

Staff shall report suspicious object(s) or person(s) to the Principal/supervisor. All staff will be notified if the Security Coordinator and/or the Superintendent and/or the Chief of Staff believes the suspicious object(s) or person(s) create a danger to the school environment and that notification to the staff is appropriate under the circumstances. Staff shall not be required to search for suspicious object(s) or person(s).