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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.17 Financial Controls and Oversight

The employee shall adhere to all internal controls that deter and monitor all fraud or financial impropriety in the District. Any person who suspects fraud or financial impropriety in the District shall report the suspicions immediately to any supervisor, the District Administrator or designee, the Board President, or local law enforcement. Reports of suspected fraud or financial impropriety shall be processed in a manner that gives appropriate consideration to the confidentiality of these matters. Limited disclosure may be necessary to complete a full investigation or to comply with law. Each employee who supervises or prepares District financial reports or transactions shall set an example of honest and ethical behavior and shall actively monitor his or her area of responsibility for fraud and financial impropriety. Neither the Board nor any District employee shall unlawfully retaliate against a person who in good faith reports perceived fraud or financial impropriety.