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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.20 Gifts and Sale of Goods and Services

Gifts: The acceptance of gifts of commercial value from pupils or parents by any employee is prohibited.

An employee or a member of the employee’s immediate family may not accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, money, gratuity, or other consideration or favor of any kind from anyone other than the District that a reasonable person would understand was intended to influence official action or judgment of the employee in executing decision-making authority affecting the District, its employees or students. It shall not be considered a violation of this policy for an employee to receive incidental entertainment, food, refreshments, meals, or similar amenities, that are provided in connection with a conference or similar work-related activity where the employee’s supervisor has reviewed the agenda for the conference or other activity and concluded that such incidentals primarily facilitate the employee’s attendance at and participation in the activity, and, therefore, primarily benefit the District rather than serving primarily as a personal benefit. Exceptions to this policy are acceptance of minor items, which are generally distributed to all by companies through public relations programs. Employees should accept only gifts of token value from students.

It is the District’s policy for individuals to decline gifts, gratuities or favors from any outside organization or individual doing business or seeking to do business with the District. Gifts that are intended for the benefit of the District should be referred to the Assistant Superintendent for Business for proper processing under the District’s policy on gifts and solicitations and the terms of § 118.27, Wis. Stats. Gifts of nominal or of insubstantial value and services offered for a reason unrelated to the employee’s position and which could not reasonably be expected to influence a decision could be accepted. Larger gifts to employees as an individual and gifts of more than a nominal or insignificant value should be graciously declined

Sale of Goods and Services: No District employee may receive for his or her personal benefit anything of value from any person other than the District to sell, promote the sale of or act as an agent or solicitor for the sale of any goods or services to any public school pupil while on the property of the District or at an activity of the District. § 118.12, Wis. Stats.

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