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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.22 Information Technology Use

The District provides staff with access to the Internet for the purpose of fulfilling the District’s mission of teaching, learning, and public service operations. Uses are to be related to the academic programs or operations of the District.

All District user accounts are owned by the District and therefore are not private. All messages and files created, sent, received or stored using District equipment, networks or communication systems are the property of the District. The District retains the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose, as appropriate, all messages created, received, or sent over the electronic communication systems as necessary.

District employees are expected to follow District guidelines when using information technology.

For additional information:

Board Policy 3720

Social media and digital communication devices and methods offer a means by which staff can quickly communicate with others, share information and exchange ideas. As District representatives, employees should exercise sound judgment and common sense when using social media.

For additional information:

Social Media Guidelines