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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.31 Personal Property

Personal Property is considered to be use of personal property utilized in the Educational Process with the Written Approval of the Administration. An employee may, in his/her discretion, or at the request of an administrator or supervisor, bring personal property upon the District premises for use in the educational process.

The District shall reimburse such teachers for the cost of repairing or replacing such property if it is damaged or destroyed upon the school premises, provided, however, that the involved employee has notified his/her principal or supervisor of his/her bringing such personal property on the school premises for use in the educational process, on a form to be provided by the District and has further obtained, in writing, on said form, his/her principal or supervisor’s approval for his/her doing so.

Approval of Utilization Form

Principals and/or supervisors shall not approve personal property use under this provision if the property can otherwise be obtained in the District. The principal shall indicate the appropriate time period (i.e., days or hours) covered by the approval, and said time period shall not include days when school is not in session for more than two (2) days. The employee who uses personal property pursuant to this section shall take precautions with said property to the degree of care that a reasonably prudent owner would exercise.

Damage or loss for any individual claim shall be limited to $350 per claim.

Personal Property Damaged as a Result of Battery Being Committed Upon an Employee

The District shall reimburse employee(s) for the cost of repairing or replacing personal property which is damaged or destroyed as a result of a physical altercation initiated by a student. Damage or loss for any individual claim shall be limited to $450 per claim.

A. Restrictions

  1. Damage and/or loss due to employee negligence is excluded from the above coverage provisions.

  2. The employee was not disciplined or discharged by the District for his/her involvement in the incident that resulted in the damage to the employee’s vehicle.

  3. Within five (5) of any loss or damage herein, the employee must submit a claim form to the Department of Human Resources for reimbursement:

    Reimbursement Form

B. Cooperation

Employees who receive reimbursement shall cooperate with the District in any and all attempts to recover damages from the student or parents of said student.