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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.34 Personnel - Physical Examination

Examination: Upon initial employment and thereafter, physical examinations shall be required of District employees in accordance with the job specifications for the position and section 118.25 of the Wisconsin statutes. Upon initial employment, evidence that employees are of sound health, sufficient to perform the essential functions of their assignment, is necessary to make binding the offer of employment or the initial contract, as applicable, with the District. The cost of such examinations shall be paid by the District and administered by providers with whom the District has an agreement for such services.

Fitness for Duty: The District may require a physical and/or mental examination at the expense of the District where reasonable doubt arises in the minds of the District concerning the current health of the employee and/or the ability of the employee to perform essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation, and consistent with the limitations imposed by applicable state and federal law. Failure to comply with this request or failure to provide a doctor’s certification of sufficiently sound health to perform duties assigned may result in discipline up to and including discharge/termination.

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Board Policy 8031