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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.42 Telephone Use

The District provides phones for employee use for communication to parents and others as part of their daily work needs for school district business.

Classroom and Office Phone Use

Employees shall not use these phones for their own private gain, such as running a business. Employees should not to accept collect calls and shall report to the appropriate Supervisor any collect calls attempted to be made to the phone. Classrooms phones are typically located at the door, which allows for staff to find them in emergencies. Relocation of phones in classrooms by staff is not allowed. Employees are to follow all regulatory requirements when using their phone. Any illegal use is the responsibility of the user. International calls must have prior approval by building administration/ department head. Such a request must be made 24 hours in advance to Building Services and will only be activated for the specified time period.

Cell Phone Use

The District provides cell phones to staff that perform duties outside of their buildings and as approved by the building administrator/department head. These phones are the property of the District and the District reserves the right to take back the phone at any time.

Cell phone use should be limited to work purposes. However, it is understood that from time to time personal calls may be made. Staff should reimburse the District $0.05 per minute. Employees who are required to carry their cell phone at all times have the option of paying a monthly fee as follows for personal calls:

Monthly use under 300 minutes - $5 per month
Monthly use 300 to 750 minutes - $10 per month
Monthly use 750 and over - $15 per month

The District does not send out copies of invoices showing usage unless monthly average is over 300 minutes a month and not at all if on a payment plan. International calling is not allowed. Staff who travel outside the Madison area must request a national plan. Staff assigned smart phones or other data access plans shall only use these plans for District use. Streaming of movies and down loading of games for personal use is not allowed.