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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.43 Transportation of Pupils in Private Cars

Authorization: Employees shall not be required by an Administrator/Supervisor to transport pupils in any private vehicle, other than his/her private car or station wagon (i.e., vans shall not be used unless such has been inspected as a school bus and driver has a school bus driver’s license). No employee shall be required or requested by an Administrator/Supervisor to transport pupils in his/her private car or station wagon, except under the following circumstances:

His/her immediate supervisor has previously approved such transportation, in writing, and;

His/her immediate supervisor has determined that such transportation is in compliance with the requirements of the Wis. Stats.

Insurance: Any employee who is authorized, in writing, to transport students shall carry insurance in the amount of:

$100,000 bodily injury liability for one (1) person,
$300,000 bodily injury liability for each accident,
$50,000 for property damage.

The District pays the difference in premium between liability coverage of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 and the above upon the submission of evidence of such required amount to the Director of Business Services.

Operator Requirements: Employees who transport students shall be subject to the operator requirement as specified in Board policy 8350 at:

Personal Vehicle Reimbursement:

The District shall reimburse employees for the cost of repairing any damage caused to such private vehicle whether accidentally or intentionally caused, by student(s) being transported. Damage or loss for any individual claim shall be limited to $350 per claim.

Employees who in the prudent course of duty have their vehicle damaged by vandalism shall receive reimbursement for the damage of the vehicle provided all of the following conditions are met:

  • The employee was on paid status at the time the damage occurred to his/her vehicle.

  • The employee requested law enforcement come to the site to file a report. If the law enforcement refuse such service, police documentation as to the date and time of the call for assistance shall suffice. The Madison Police Department self-reporting form shall suffice as “police documentation.”

The maximum amount of reimbursement that the District would provide to an eligible employee is limited to the lesser of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250), the actual cost of the repair or the actual deductible reimbursement amount.

In order to receive reimbursement from the District the employee shall subrogate to the District his/her ability to recoup the amount of damages provided to the employee herein and the employee shall provide to the District department of motor vehicle documentation demonstrating that the vehicle is registered to the employee.

Within five (5) days of any loss or damage herein, the employee must submit a claim form to the Department of Human Resources for reimbursement. See: https://hr.madison.k12.


  • Damage and/or loss due to employee negligence is excluded from the above coverage provisions.

  • The employee was not disciplined or discharged by the District for his/her involvement in the incident that resulted in the damage to the employee’s vehicle.


Employees who receive reimbursement shall cooperate with the District in any and all attempts to recover damages from the student or parents of said student.

For additional information:

Board Policy 8350