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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.5 Child Abuse Reporting

Any school employee who has reasonable cause to suspect that a child, seen by the person in the course of professional duties, has been abused or neglected or who has reason to believe that a child, seen by the person in the course of professional duties, has been threatened with abuse or neglect, and that abuse or neglect of the child will occur, shall report as provided for below. At all times, school employees shall make the report to county child protective services or law enforcement personnel as quickly as possible. Any delay is not in the best interests of the child and is not consistent with District policy. If any doubt exists as to whether or not to report, such doubt should be resolved in favor of reporting.

A person required to report shall immediately inform, by telephone or in person, the applicable District administrative personnel and the county department of the facts and circumstances contributing to a suspicion of child abuse or neglect or of unborn child abuse or to a belief that abuse or neglect will occur. Assistance should be sought from the principal and school social worker prior to making the report.

District employees, including administrators, may not attempt to delay, modify, or prevent any report of suspected or threatened child abuse or neglect. School personnel are not responsible for investigating child abuse or neglect reports or for proving that abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur. Investigating child abuse and neglect reports is the legal responsibility of trained county child protective services and/or law enforcement personnel.

For additional information:

Board Policy 4222