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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.51 Pay - Uncommon Occurrences

Hazard Pay: The District will determine the circumstances under which employees may be entitled to additional compensation for having to engage in what the District designates as hazardous duty, and the amount of such additional compensation. The District will meet and confer with the applicable employee group(s) prior to providing any hazard pay.

Employee Compensation - Unexpected or Extraordinary Circumstances

Under unexpected or extraordinary circumstances, such as a public health emergency, the District shall continue to charge the compensation (including but not necessarily limited to salaries, wages, and fringe benefits) of its employees who are paid by a currently active Federal grant consistent with the organization’s policies and procedures for paying compensation from all funding sources, Federal and non-Federal.

If the District pays similarly situated employees whose compensation is paid with non-Federal funds during an extended closure, those paid with Federal grant funds may also continue to be paid.

The procedures for documenting time and effort per the Federal Uniform Grant Guidance (2 CFR §200.430(i) “Standards for documenting personnel expenses”) under unexpected or extraordinary circumstances will include documenting the funding source of the personnel before the circumstance and the funding source of the personnel during the extended closure. This documentation will be authorized by a chief officer and maintained for auditing or monitoring purposes.