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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022

3.52 Single Day/Local Emergency Closure/Snow Day

Should it become necessary to close or delay the opening of school due to inclement weather, power failures or other circumstances, notice shall be delivered prior to 6:30 a.m. over radio stations whose broadcast studios are located within the city limits of the City of Madison. The following rules shall be applicable:

  1. Salaried Staff: Salaried staff are not required to report to their work site and no general leave will be deducted. Work from home may be required. Teacher unit staff may be required to work from home provided there is at least on school days advance notice to prepare for online instruction.
  2. Custodial/Trades: Staff are expected to arrive at work as scheduled. Tardiness on such days not to exceed one hour will be permitted without penalty. Tardiness or absence from work for a period in excess of one hour may be compensated by the employee’s request in writing to the employee’s supervisor to use vacation, compensatory time or personal illness.
  3. Other Hourly Staff: Staff are not required to report to their work site. Work from home may be required. Staff not required to work from home will be compensated for up to two (2) closures days per school year. Any closures beyond two days compensated above will be unpaid unless the staff member elects to utilize accrued benefit leave time, e.g., vacation, floating holiday, compensatory time, personal illness.
  4. Substitutes: Extended long-term substitutes will be compensated per the terms of their assignment. Regular substitute teachers may be compensated using any accrued personal illness time if they were scheduled to work at least 24 hours in advance of the emergency closure.

Multiple Day – Emergency Closure

Should it become necessary to close school for multiple days due to order of a county, state or federal public health official due to health or other safety concerns, or for any other circumstances, the District will advise all staff accordingly. Applicable guidance regarding time lost will be provided depending on the circumstances. The district will meet and confer with employee representatives prior to implementation.

Make up of Instructional Minutes

The District shall make up all hours necessary to guarantee the receipt of state aid and/or necessary to meet the minimum annual school year requirements for minutes of instruction. If there is a need to make up instructional minutes due to inclement weather, the District , in consultation with the Handbook Review Committee, will determine how best to add the time necessary to meet state standards on hours of instruction (including eliminating Staff Only Days, eliminating Monday Early Release time or adding minutes to the instructional day)