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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


3.7 Job Sharing

Teachers, on a full time regular contract, may elect, based on the District’s determination of positions available for job sharing, to participate in such program. Such participation shall be dependent upon the principal and/or supervisor and Director of Department of Human Resources or his/her designee approval.

Teachers, who participate in this program as outlined above, may return to a full time contract when a full time contract vacancy occurs providing there are no teachers on layoff or surplus and the principal/supervisor so approves.

Teachers requesting to participate in job sharing or teachers requesting to temporarily reduce their contract when such reduction results in a job share, will have the District’s contribution toward health insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance divided between them, as they decide, provided the teacher is eligible for District contribution toward health, dental, and/or life insurance.

  1. A teacher (A) who is in a job share assignment where the teacher also holds another position resulting in the teacher being employed under a full-time contract qualifies for benefits due full-time employees. In the circumstances described above, the individual (B) job sharing with the person described above, if said person holds a contract of 0.5 or greater, qualifies for full-time benefits given that individual (A) qualifies for benefits in a position other than via the job share.

  2. A teacher working part-time due to medical reasons is not considered job sharing, provided the teacher submits to the District Benefits Manager rationale for same from his/ her physician, and is approved by the District.

Teachers covered by this shall receive a letter explaining the benefit options available to them, and an election form to designate their choice. Said teachers may divide the District contribution between them, e.g., 50%/50%, 75%/25%, 100%/0%.