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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


3.9 Temporary Reduction of Contract with Right to Return to Full-Time

To be eligible to apply for contract reduction under this Section, a teacher must have completed five (5) years of service with the District as a teacher by the time the contract reduction will become effective.

Full-time teachers who wish to work part-time may request to do so for a period of one (1) year, and shall have the right to full-time regular contracts at the end of such period. Requests for part- time contracts must be made in writing to the Department of Human Resources on or before March 1 of the preceding school year.

The percentage of part-time contract requested shall be specified by the teacher at the time of the request. If the District is not able to accommodate the teacher’s request, or should said request result in a job share involving the sharing of benefits pursuant to Section 3.06, the District will so advise the teacher by August 15. The teacher may then adjust the percentage specified in his/her request to that which the District has available, or withdraw the request. The District shall consult with the teacher prior to any action to increase the teacher’s contract percentage. The teacher’s contract cannot thereafter be decreased for the year without the teacher’s consent. Any request which would involve job sharing shall be governed by the provisions of Section 3.06 above.

Upon return to a full-time contract, the percentage of contract which had been reduced shall be reinstated for the ensuing school year at the school to which the teacher had been assigned full- time, if such is available. If it is not available, then that percentage of contract will be placed in the surplus pool and the teacher reassigned accordingly. Further, under such condition, the District reserves the right to involuntarily transfer the teacher for his/her entire contract, to another school.