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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


4.1 Length of Probationary Period

All new employees shall be on probation for the first six (6) months of employment and shall during that period, have all the rights provided herein except the right to appeal a suspension or termination. Any employee who is retained beyond six (6) months shall be considered to have completed his/her probationary period and no other notice shall be necessary to establish such status. A probationary period may be extended for a period of time not to exceed sixty (60) working days by mutual agreement of the employee and the District. In the event that an employee has not completed the probationary period at the end of the spring term of school and the District has decided that the employee is to be terminated prior to completion of the probationary period, notice will be provided to the employee at that time. The summer recess period shall not be counted as part of the probationary period; however, other school recess periods shall be counted.