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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


4.6 School Calendar

The calendar consists of 195 days for teachers new to MMSD and 192 days for teachers beyond their first year of employment in MMSD. The days are delineated as follows: 4 days of learning/ preparation prior to the start of the school year, 1 voluntary day prior to the start of the school year, 4 paid legal holidays (Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Memorial Day), up to 6 staff only days during the student school year (to be determined by the District) and between 177 and 179 other required attendance days. The calendar will also continue to include a winter break and a spring break the length of breaks will be determined as part of the Handbook process.

Four days prior to the start of school will be set aside for staff learning, preparation and collaboration. The content of the days will be determined collaboratively by the principal and the SBLT. Such time shall include collaborative learning that supports and enhances the quality of teaching and is aligned to each school’s SIP goals and strategies, room set up, individual and team planning, family communications, scheduling, and records review.

During the school year there will be up to six (6) full staff only day per year. The structure of the day will be determined collaboratively at the building level by the principal and the SBLT. Such time shall include collaborative learning that supports and enhances the quality of teaching and is aligned to each school’s SIP goals and strategies.

Teachers new to MMSD will have three additional work days prior to the four days referenced above for induction and training. Teachers will receive a total of three (3) Professional Advancement Credits for these induction/training days (i.e. 1 PAC credit per day).

The last afternoon of the first semester is utilized for recording and reporting days by the teacher. Students are not present.

If there are report cards, the last afternoon of the third quarter is utilized for recording and reporting by teachers at the elementary schools. Students are not present.

Any central office unit employee who is requested by his/her supervisor and agrees to perform professional services on the voluntary day as defined in the school calendar will be granted flex time equal to that of the service performed. The use of flex time must be approved by the individual’s supervisor.

The school calendar will be developed by a group of District and employee representatives (Joint Calendar Committee). If changes need to be made once the calendar has been established, the Joint Calendar Committee will meet and confer to discuss such changes.

If there is a need to make up instructional minutes due to any emergency closure, the District will meet and confer, with the Handbook Review Committee, to determine how best to add the time necessary to meet state standards on hours of instruction (including eliminating Staff Only days, eliminating Monday Early Release time or adding minuets to the instructional day).

Extended Contract Options

The District has the discretion to create teacher contract positions of up to 212-contract days. Compensation for additional work days shall be at the extended contract rate. For these positions the work year shall be comprised of the regular school year schedule and the additional contract days will be determined by the supervisor in consultation with the teacher. For positions that are currently filled, teachers holding such positions will be notified of the change in the number of contract days for the subsequent school year no later than March 30 and must notify their supervisor of their decision to remain in the position no later than five work days from the date of receiving notice of the contract change. If the teacher chooses not to remain in the position he/she will be factored into the staffing plan or declared surplus, as applicable.

Charter School Calendar

With Board approval, charter schools have the flexibility to create their own school calendar. For current charter schools a decision to change the school calendar shall be made at least one year prior to the proposed calendar change.