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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


5.1 Rate of Earning

Employees shall earn vacation as follows:

  1. First 36 months of service, .83 day per month of service (maximum of ten (10) days per year).

  2. 37th month through 79th month of service, 1.04 days per month of service (maximum of 12 1/2 days per year).

  3. 80thmonththrough132ndmonthofservice,1.25dayspermonthofservice(maximumof 15 days per year).

  4. 133rd month through 192nd month of service, 1.46 days per month of service (maximum of 17 1/2 days per year).

  5. 193rd month through 259th month of service, 1.67 days per month of service (maximum of 20 days per year).

  6. 260th month through 359th month of service and thereafter, 2.08 days per month of service (maximum of 25 days per year).

  7. 360th month of service and thereafter, 2.16 days per month of service (maximum of 26 days per year).

Employees shall not be granted vacation credits until satisfactory completion of their first six (6) months of employment. Upon completion of six (6) months of satisfactory employment, employees shall be entitled to use vacation during the calendar year in which the vacation is earned, plus any earned but unused vacation credit from the probationary period which was earned during the previous year.

Those employees who are hired or transferred from full time position and who work less than full time but half or more time, shall receive vacations on a pro rata basis. The basis for determining the proration shall be based on annual hours of work and shall be computed to the nearest one half day.