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Madison Metropolitan School District

Employee Handbook 2021-2022


5.2 Scheduling Vacation

The District shall designate vacation periods during which employees may select their vacations. The designated periods shall provide each employee the opportunity to use his/her vacation. Employees shall be entitled to select their vacations during periods so designated in a manner which shall allow those with the greatest seniority first choice. Once an agreement on vacation has been made, it can only be changed by mutual agreement or an emergency beyond the District’s control.

The District agrees to provide each employee an opportunity to use all earned vacation credits annually. Vacations will be allowed during the school year in accordance with this provision and the requirements of the school functions. Employees shall, with the approval of their immediate supervisor, be allowed to use their earned vacation in one-hour increments. This provision shall not, however, preclude variations in the use of vacation credits according to peculiar individual circumstances provided such variations shall be agreed to by the District. Employees must ask for vacation at least five (5) days prior to the date requested. These requests shall not be unreasonably denied. Exceptions may be granted in emergency situations or in other situations deemed appropriate by the District.